Monthly Discussion Thread - Month of March, 2019

Be a tourist and go the top of the Empire State Building

Guggenheim Museum rejects future donations from Purdue Pharma's Sackler family

Bronx woman who lost eye in horrific confrontation with cops sues NYPD; officer accused was cleared in internal probe

View from Smith - 9th St Station

MTA big accused of using police placard to illegally create personal parking zone outside midtown hotel

City Councilmembers Propose $100,000 Fine For 'Hideous' LED Billboard Boats - Gothamist

Teen Gets Into Stuyvesant H.S. After Being Told "It's Practically Impossible"

Congestion Pricing in Manhattan, First Such Plan in U.S., Close to Approval

Central Park Tower Surpasses 432 Park Avenue to Become The Tallest Residential Building in The Western Hemisphere

Apple announces that Apple Pay will be compatible with the mass transit systems in New York City, Portland and Chicago soon


Legal weed won’t happen right now in N.J. Lawmakers call off big vote.

Landing at LGA

José Serrano (D-NY-15) says he has Parkinson's, will not seek reelection

Our Chess Champion Has a Home

Replacing the departure screens at Grand Central

sooo, i saw this on bowery & rivington. uhh, what?

Some rowing in the Park yesterday. Felt like spring.

Snow goose by the Harlem Meer (looks like it has a cataract; also, that beak!)

Michael Avenatti Charged with Trying to Extort 20M from Nike

MTA says more than 20% of NYC bus riders evade fares

better have an umbrella 🤷‍♂️

Live from New York :)

The mysterious mosaic at 88 University Place

Son of Ecuadorian Immigrants Gets Admitted Into Stuyvesant H.S. After Being Told "It is Impossible"

This delivery guy came out of nowhere to latch onto my Uber ride instead of pedaling his bike

Just painted a Red Hook sunset

A street in Harlem has become a flea market for drugs

The Steinway Tower is topping out soon!