After 6 months of veganism I’m down to 210 from 270!
I made a peanut butter cup cheesecake, topped off with white chocolate :)
Joaquin Phoenix for Veganism
Being a vegan on Reddit
My mum, who's always been baffled by veganism, spent all day making me a vegan berry cheesecake for Easter lunch 🤗
Oikos and Chobani now have coconut based yogurts!
Every damn time
The wine I bought has an animal sanctuary :)
Heard y’all like grocery hauls 😁 I’m working on transitioning from vegetarian to fully vegan, today’s shopping trip was 100% animal-free!
Will you stand up for me?
How fucked up is this? We torture you and murder you, but be grateful that you got to live?
I'm honestly just a shill for Big Cashew/Big Coconut at this point. Raspberry-chocolate cheesecake in 15 minutes
all time fav vegan meme
We salute you especially!
Powerful stuff
I thin I did pretty well... I went into Wegmans to get a lettuce and found these goodies!!! ( My kiddos like these Beyond Meat burgers, too meat-like for my taste!) Can’t wait to try the Don Lee Farm Burgers, or as they say in Europe: “Veggie Discs”
Weekly Activism Thread
The Walt Disney World Resort has introduced an all-you-can-eat plant-based skillet featuring various vegan meats such as mustard-glazed beefless tips and herb-brushed chick'n breast.
Kung pow cauliflower- tastes like chicken without the suffering 🌱
I couldn’t help but laugh seeing this thumbnail, hehe It looks like he gonna lunge at me ahhhh
Not sure if this is appropriate but found this at a thrift shop and had to get it! It has a bunch of animal rights patches sewed into it. Some of them are kinda crumbly but still cute I think!
This has to be how I meet my next significant other
Voodoo Donuts in Austin, Texas
Lidl Switzerland. Apparently, killing animals and putting their parts in plastic means respecting them 😠
It may not look like much, but this warm bombay potatoes and chick peas over a 7 grain/lentil mix is absolutely heavenly after an 18.5 mile hike through almost nonstop rain. Now 58.6 miles into my vegan AT thru hike!
Philly’s newest vegan offering
Weekly exposure of vegan food to my coworkers. Today Ethiopian cuisine.
Me when omnis try to eat up all my food ... Nah fam eat those corpses you ordered that taste “so good” 😂💁🏽‍♀️
But where do you get your protein from?